Pacific Northwest



Canon 5D Mark II  75mm  1/180  f4.5  ISO 100 no filter  2010

Frost-covered Leaves, Bellevue


I saw this scene as I stepped from my car in late October of 2007.

Sigma SD-14  44mm  1/40  f4.0  ISO 100  no filter

Fence and Daisies


Canon 5D Mark II  35mm  1/800  f20  ISO 3200  no filter

Dahlias in Basket


Freshly-picked dahlias in an old wicker basket on a porch on Fox Island, Washington near Tacoma.

Sigma SD-14  17mm  1/60  f4.0  ISO 50  no filter  2008

Chinese Maple Leaves


A small Chinese Maple tree stands in our front yard in Redmond, Washington.

Canon 5D Mark II  97mm  1/40  f16  ISO 2500  no filter

Celosia, Victoria, BC


In front of the spectacular Provincial Museum in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada sits an elaborate garden.  This image is a small segment highlighting its celosia plantings.

Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi  13.7mm  1/180  f5.6  ISO 100  no filter  2004



Evette and I were invited to the home of an avid gardener in Bellevue, Washington.  This beautiful flower arrangement came entirely from her magnificent garden.

Canon 5D Mark II  47mm  o.5 sec  f16  ISO 2000  no filter  2010

Frost-Covered Leaves, Bellevue


I saw this scene as I stepped from my car in late October of 2007.

Sigma SD-14 44mm 1/40 f4.0 no filter ISO 100.

EMP Museum, Seattle Number 1


In the Year 200, Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, built a Frank O. Gehry-designed museum to celebrate his love for rock-and-roll and science fiction.  The vividly-colored sheet metal skin attracts criticism, praise and photographers.  This particular image was made in 2008.

Sigma SD-14 17mm 1/200 f7.1 ISO 50.

Retriever Rock, Granite Falls

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The town of Granite Falls lies about 43 miles northeast of Seattle and 15 miles northeast of Everett, Washington.  While exploring the river near Granite Falls in 1984, I made this abstraction that appears to be a Labrador Retriever swimming across the stream.

Granite Falls is also the home of Bruce Barnbaum, a very prominent black and white view camera photographer and a valued teacher of mine for over 30 years.  I highly recommend  his book, “The Art of Photography,” and his courses offered through Photo Arts Workshops.

Gowland Pocket View 90mm 1/30 f16 K2 filter onto Tri-X film and processed normally.

OIl Slick on the Old Everett Pier


In 1982, before the Everett Pier was renovated for Navy ships, I found this puddle of glistening hydrocarbons  in the heavy wooden planks.

Nikon F2ASb camera body with 35mm Nikkor lens, 1/30 at f5.6 without a filter onto Kodachrome 25 rated at ISO 25.


Illuminated Dryer Hose

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In 1978, I entered the home of good friends on Mercer Island in the State of Washington.  I saw a knotted clothes dryer hose in the corner that had a string of Christmas Tree lights threaded through it and immediately got my camera.

Gowland Pocket View Camera 4×5 90m lens, 1/15 at F22, 2X bellows factor compensation, Tri-X film rated at ISO 100, N-2 processing in HC-110.