Lilies and Fence, Menlo Park


Gowland Pocket View  150mm  1/8  f22  2X Bellows Factor  Tri-X 4×5 film rated at ASA 160 and processed N-2  no filter  1979

Woodbine, Vermont

On a pilgrimage to the famous Old Round Church in Richmond, Vermont in the Fall of 1978, Evette and I saw this dazzling display of color against old barn wood.  The vine is called woodbine.  We asked permission from the owners of the property to set up the view camera and to photograph this scene.  They were very hospitable and gave us some history for the 150-year old barn.  The current owner’s grandfather had the barn built by a local carpenter who measured the site, went away, cut the wood and there was an old-time barn raising upon his return.  There are no nails in the large structure, it is all pegged and no fitting or adjusting was required.

Gowland Pocket View  150mm  1/15  f22  Kodak 4×5 VPL  ASA 120 no filter

Peach and Purple Godetia


Evette  and I were stumped for a name for these lovely annuals until an avid gardener correctly identified them as godetia.

Sigma SD-14  70mm  1/200  f8.0  ISO 100  no filter  2007

Sun Flowers Oregon


I saw this scene in a commercial sunflower field in Eastern Oregon in 1984.  Crossing a weed-choked swale to get to the field, I heard a number of rattlesnake rattles but could not see the snakes.  After making several images, I pelted the return path I wanted to take with rocks and dirt clods until the rattling and slithering stopped and then quickly made my exit.

Mamiya RB-67  90mm lens 1/50  f16 onto Kodak VPL rated ASA 80 without a filter

Cactus Flowers, Tuscany


As the minivan delivering us to the hill town of Montepulciano rolled to a stop, Evette and I both spotted these beautiful cactus flowers.  Unfortunately, they were supported with bright yellow tape wrapped around their branches.  It took almost an hour of careful editing in Photoshop to remove the tape but the result was worth it.

Canon 5D Mark II  58mm  1/800  f14  ISO 3200  circular Polarizer

Chrysanthemum Flower and Bud


A recent multi-year project of mine has been photographing an extensive garden in Clyde Hill, Washington.  The owners have been most generous in not only providing access to their garden, but in calling to alert me when certain flowers are at their peak.

Canon 5D MKII 24-105 mm lens set at 105mm  1/500 sec f16 ISO 800 to compensate for the lack of a tripod.

Rhododendron 1


Canon 5D Mark II  105mm  1/1328   f9,0  ISO 3200

Tulips in Blue Vase


Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi  7.9mm  1/45  f4.5  ISO 200  Electronic Flash  2004

Rhododendron 3


Canon 5D Mark II  35mm  1/400  f13  ISO 3200  no filter

Rhododendron 2


Nikon F2ASb SLR  90mm  1/30  f11  Kodachrome 25  no filter

Peonies 2


On several of these flower photographs, I wanted to get close and have some depth of field.  Finding myself without a tripod, I  elected to crank up the ISO rating to  get an elevated shutter speed.

Canon 5D Mark II  88mm  1/4000  f14  ISO 3200  no filter