Irises near Roadside, Geirangerfjord, Norway


Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi  7.2mm  1/45  f8.0  ISO 100  no filter  2004

Peonies 1


Kodak V570DL Dual-lens Pocket Camera  6.4mm  1/125  f3.9  ISO 64  no filter

Butterflies and Blossoms

The Seattle Science Center has a novel treat for young and old: a butterfly zoo.  This small facility has so many butterflies that volunteers carefully inspect each visitor as they leave for stowaways.

Fence and Daisies


Canon 5D Mark II  35mm  1/800  f20  ISO 3200  no filter

One Red Rose


Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi  50.7mm  1/180  f4.5  ISO 100  no filter  2004

Chinese Maple Leaves


A small Chinese Maple tree stands in our front yard in Redmond, Washington.

Canon 5D Mark II  97mm  1/40  f16  ISO 2500  no filter

Lilies, Pike Place Market


While conducting out-of-town guests through one of the big Seattle tourist attractions, Pike Place Market, I saw these lilies in a florist’s can.  Evette did a very good watercolor painting that is also on this Website.

Sigma SD-14  30mm  1/125  f7.1  ISO 100 no filter  2007

Flowers in Window, Harmony

Harmony is a tiny artists’ community on the Central Coast of California off of  US Highway 1 (population 18).  They still had a Post Office when I made this image in 2008 of its window.

Sigma SD-14  25mm  1/160  f7.1  ISO 100  no filter

Easter Lilies


Beautiful lilies at their peak in the Clyde Hill garden.  Canon 5D MKII  24-105mm Zoom Lens set to 67mm, 1/640 sec f16 ISO 1000  Manual Exposure with spot metering to preserve the brilliant highlights.  August 15, 2012

Yellow Roses


Another from the multi-year series of the Clyde Hill garden.  This image was made during a reception at this home and I was without my more professional gear.  Surprisingly, this was an image from a Sony Pocket Camera, the DSC-RX100, with a 28mm equivalent lens setting.  1/125 sec f5.6 ISO 125.  I have pulled gorgeous prints up to 20×30 inches from this image demonstrating its capability.

Autumn Leaves on Wet Pavement


One of two parking lot photographs, this was made in the Fall when the leaves were vivid in color and the pavement was darkened by the rain.  I am often kidded about carrying around low-resolution pocket cameras when I have real deals back in our studio.  This is one of a number of cases where I came away with an image that is more than adequate that I would otherwise not have obtained.  It reminds  me of the old saw among photographers when asked, “How did you make that image.”  The answer,”f8 and be there!”

Casio EX-Z750 “Point and Shoot”  16.6mm 1/80  f4.4  ISO 100  no filter

Frost-Covered Leaves, Bellevue


I saw this scene as I stepped from my car in late October of 2007.

Sigma SD-14 44mm 1/40 f4.0 no filter ISO 100.