Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Prague


Vacationing in Prague in the Czech republic, I saw these yellow flowers of the Lanceleaf Coreopsis family in a vendor’s push cart.

Sigma SD-14  2009  Electronic information appears to have been stripped from this file.

Guard House, Tower of London, England

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On a whirlwind business trip to 4 countries in 6 days in 1974, there was very little time for shooting.  I did manage to make this image despite the Bobbies who were suspicious of my intentions.

Gowland Pocket View 4×5 90mm 1/30 f16 no filter Tri-X rated ISO 160 and processed normally.

Vandalized Old Jewish Cemetery


There is a small cemetery in the Jewish Ghetto in Prague in the Czech Republic.  I would like to report that the damage to this holy place came during the rise of Adolph Hitler but Neo-Nazis have created further havoc in recent years.

Sigma SD-10 DSLR Camera, 20 mm setting on Sigma 18-200 mm zoom lens, exposure 1/60 at f5.0 with a Circular Polarizing Filter at ISO 100.  2006