Melissa and Family, Fall City, Washington 2012


This stylish and attractive couple sat for Evette and me on a typical day in the Northwest with hazy sun and moisture covering everything.  It made for an all-enveloping light that was perfect for this scene.  The mother is a florist and provided the arrangement on the table behind her.  This was the perfect image from hundreds we shot to capture the right expressions on everyone including the dog.

Canon NEX-7 18-200 mmZoom Lens set at 34 mm equivalent focal length  1/60 sec at f4.0  ISO 100  No Filter

This image is private and is not offered for sale or licensing.

Easter Lilies


Beautiful lilies at their peak in the Clyde Hill garden.  Canon 5D MKII  24-105mm Zoom Lens set to 67mm, 1/640 sec f16 ISO 1000  Manual Exposure with spot metering to preserve the brilliant highlights.  August 15, 2012

Yellow Roses


Another from the multi-year series of the Clyde Hill garden.  This image was made during a reception at this home and I was without my more professional gear.  Surprisingly, this was an image from a Sony Pocket Camera, the DSC-RX100, with a 28mm equivalent lens setting.  1/125 sec f5.6 ISO 125.  I have pulled gorgeous prints up to 20×30 inches from this image demonstrating its capability.

Chrysanthemum Flower and Bud


A recent multi-year project of mine has been photographing an extensive garden in Clyde Hill, Washington.  The owners have been most generous in not only providing access to their garden, but in calling to alert me when certain flowers are at their peak.

Canon 5D MKII 24-105 mm lens set at 105mm  1/500 sec f16 ISO 800 to compensate for the lack of a tripod.