Logging Engine Cylinders

My family and I visited the Roaring Camp Railroads in 1978, a tourist attraction in the Santa Cruz Mountains west of San Jose, California.  One of the old logging engines had the brass plates on the steam-powered cylinders exposed.

Nikon F2ASb with a 35mm Nikkor lens, 1/30 f5.6 without a filter onto Kodachrome 25 color slide film at ISO 25.

OIl Slick on the Old Everett Pier


In 1982, before the Everett Pier was renovated for Navy ships, I found this puddle of glistening hydrocarbons  in the heavy wooden planks.

Nikon F2ASb camera body with 35mm Nikkor lens, 1/30 at f5.6 without a filter onto Kodachrome 25 rated at ISO 25.


Lady Ostapeck’s Tub, Fly Creek, New York


Famous Finnish photographer, Lady Ostapeck, lived in a farm house outside of Fly Creek, New York.  She had a wonderful outdoor tub which I photographed in 1979.

Century View Camera 8×10, 320mm lens, 1/15 at f22 onto Tri-X Film rated ISO 160 without a filter and processed N-2 in HC-110.

Rock Patterns Point Lobos


Standing on a rock, I composed this image of eroded rocks near the surf line at low tide.  Since the contrast of the scene was low, I underexposed and over processed the image.

Century Universal View 8×10 View Camera, 320 mm lens, exposure 1/15 at f11 with a K2 Yellow Filter onto Kodak Super-XX film rated at 120 ASA and processed N+2 in HC-110.  1979