Ducks and Koi, Phoenix

When visiting the Phoenician Resort in 2004 with our grandchildren, one of our daily stops was feeding the magnificent koi in a large series of lagoons.  Ducks showed up too adding to the fun.

Sigma SD-14, 41.6mm lens setting, 1/350 at f5.6 at ISO 100 without a filter.

Illuminated Dryer Hose

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In 1978, I entered the home of good friends on Mercer Island in the State of Washington.  I saw a knotted clothes dryer hose in the corner that had a string of Christmas Tree lights threaded through it and immediately got my camera.

Gowland Pocket View Camera 4×5 90m lens, 1/15 at F22, 2X bellows factor compensation, Tri-X film rated at ISO 100, N-2 processing in HC-110.

Wheelbarrow, Cooperstown


In 1987, my parents were having a home built in Cooperstown, New York.  During the construction, a contractor’s wheelbarrow made in interesting composition in the slanting late afternoon light.

Gowland Pocket View 90mm 1/15 at f22 with a K2 filter, Tri-X rated ISO 160 and processed N-2 in HC-110.

Mud Channels, South San Francisco


The Circle Star Theater was a performance venue in San Carlos south of San Francisco, California off Highway 101 in 1979; it has since been demolished.  If one could find a legal place to stop  east of the Highway, there are some very interesting mud flats.  The mud can be treacherous, so extreme caution and a partner are advised.  I got out the 8×10 view camera to make this image of the natural fracturing of the mud as it dried as the tide went out. The clumps are approximately 1×2 feet (30.5×61 cm).

Century View 320mm 1/15 F22 K2 filter, Tri-X rated ISO 160 and processed N-2 in HC-110.

Retriever Rock, Granite Falls

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The town of Granite Falls lies about 43 miles northeast of Seattle and 15 miles northeast of Everett, Washington.  While exploring the river near Granite Falls in 1984, I made this abstraction that appears to be a Labrador Retriever swimming across the stream.

Granite Falls is also the home of Bruce Barnbaum, a very prominent black and white view camera photographer and a valued teacher of mine for over 30 years.  I highly recommend  his book, “The Art of Photography,” and his courses offered through Photo Arts Workshops.

Gowland Pocket View 90mm 1/30 f16 K2 filter onto Tri-X film and processed normally.

Moth on Caterpillar, Mexico


One of the oldest images in the collection, this was made in 1963 on an irrigation construction project in Mexico east of Culican, Sinaloa.  A moth had alighted on the large cable running around the rear of a Caterpillar tractor.

Nikon F2 35mm 1/30 f5.6 no filter Pan-X rated at ISO 25 and processed normally.

Minerals and Lichens, Eastern Sierra Nevadas


I came upon this scene in the late afternoon in the Alabama Hills in the high desert near Lone Pine, California.  Canon 5D MKII 50 mm setting on 24-105 mm Zoom Lens  1/125 sec at f8.0  ISO 400 No Filter