In reviewing my 50 years of work in photography, my first impression is that the work is eclectic.  The 1970’s and 1980’s were characterized by intensive work in large-format black and white imagery while later periods were more casual explorations of the new field of digital photography covering a wide variety of subject matter.

My work is available for both purchase and licensing.  Since there are 8 different cameras employed covering a very wide range of image resolution, suggested maximum print sizes cover the range from 11×14 inches (27.9×35.6 cm) for early digital work to 96×120 inches (243.8×305 cm) for the 8×10 inch (20.3×25.4 cm) black and white view camera negatives. Each image has a small notation in the lower right hand corner identifying the camera used.

This Website is relatively new having been launched in April of 2014 so there is not a catalog of available print sizes and framing options. I would like to see my work displayed widely and am willing to entertain creative ways to make this happen.

Please e-mail me with your questions, comments and suggestions by clicking here:  Bart Norton – Photographer

For the pen-and-ink sketches, watercolors and oil paintings, Evette Simone will sell or license reproductions or originals.

Please contact her directly by clicking here:  Evette Norton – Artist

Most images are available for purchase. Please see sizing and pricing options when you place your order.