Minolta DSCEvette Simone | Watercolor and Oil Paintings

When I was six, my father, who was working for the American Mission for Aid to Greece, was sent to the Controller’s Conference in Paris. My mother, who had a classical education in art and languages, took me with her to the Louvre. She gave me the opportunity to spend some time in front of some decorative French Rococo paintings. When my mother returned for me, I had moved to study a Rembrandt, saying that the Rococo paintings were too “pretty-pretty.”

Since I began drawing and painting, I have become more aware of the interplay of light and shadow, the subtlety of color changes, and the patterns and textures in nature.  I paint  images in a realistic style. Using transparent watercolors and the Maroger method in oils, I work in layers of thin glazes to capture an impression of depth in my paintings and to achieve a feeling of calm introspection.